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All of my candles are made with GW 415 Pure Soy Wax

My candles are handmade and made from 100% soybeans, which is a biodegradable compound and is extremely eco-friendly. Soy is a natural compound that is derived from plants and does not release any poisonous gases when burn. A soy candle burn more evenly and does not produce the black soot like paraffin does. Some might say "no soot"; it's actually "little soot". Everything that burns gives off smoke, and soy candles are not excluded. However, the quantity of smoke released from soy wax is so minimum that it’s highly noticeable.

Soy is made from a renewable source and is not from petroleum. Not only do Soy candles burn cleaner but slower which can be more cost effective than paraffin, thus giving you twice the candle.

Soy beans are grown in American fields, and processed into soy wax in the US. Soy is better for the environment and does not release toxins into the air.

Support our local farmers and make the switch to Soy!

Did you know…..

  • Soy wax is derived from vegetables
  • Soy wax is 100% non-toxic and all natural
  • Soy wax burns clean
  • Soy wax cleans up with soap and hot water
  • Soy wax burns 25%-50% longer
  • Soy wax burns completely
  • Soy wax releases fragrances naturally, faster and longer
  • Soy wax supports the American farmer
  • My Soy candles are handcrafted by me not machines
  • Soy Candle wicks is "lead free”
  • Hint:  Did you know Soy Candles have a memory?

For best burning results, let the candle completely melt before extinguishing.  When you light a candle for the first time it remembers how far across the surface it melted.